Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Hello Beautiful Moms out there!  Happy Mother's Day to you!  I've had a wonderful Mother's Day Weekend since my parents came here for a visit to be with my family and I.  As my three girls get older we find it is hard to have those "everyone included" weekends since everyone is always going in a different direction.  We've had a good time together and have had a very lazy Mother's Day...Church followed by a good steak dinner!  Just woke up from a little snooze...Talk about LAZY!  LOL  I hope your Mother's Day has been just as wonderful as mine!

Mother's day is always the day we plant our garden or get our flowering pots ready to enjoy.  When the kids were little, they enjoyed helping and getting dirty...the last few years my hubs and I have done it on our own...we'll see if we can get it done today.  I'll have to take advantage of all the help I have while they are all here at once!  Above is my favorite little gardening quilt.  I made it long ago and no longer have the pattern to give the designer credit...but it's such a cute saying.  It says "Tickle theEarth With a Hoe and she Laughs a Harvest!"  So true, so true!


  1. Darling quilt, Missie!
    P.S. A little snooze is okay :)

    Hug's, Carolyn

  2. Happy day after Mother's Day!
    After church, my DH grilled steaks to go along with roasted potatoes and salad. It was wonderful to be pampered yesterday!

    That is a lovely garden quilt... and I love the saying. Thanks for sharing.

  3. that quilt and its saying is so cute.