Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Blessing we are so Grateful for...

My youngest daughter is 16 and has had a severe allegy to milk all her life. She has gotten better over the years, but still had terrible reactions if she had any milk products of any kind. Knowing she would be off to college and on her own in a few years was cause for many sleepless nights for me...what would she eat at college? How careful would the cafeteria employees be? Would her roommate be able to tell if she was in need of help, etc... Recently, we learned about a doctor in town who does allergy desensitization for milk, peanuts, wheat and eggs. We looked into it and low and behold, Katie was a perfect candidate! We have been at this very diligently for 6 months and this week she has a new life...she is able to eat any and all foods, even if they have milk in them! And, she is drinking milk! In fact, for the rest of her life she will have to drink milk twice a day like medicine to keep the immunity up. this program has been a miracle for her! She had M&M's for the first time and said she couldn't believe they were so good...then a Snickers bar, and tonight Doritos! She's going to be tasting lots of goodies for a while to see what she's been missing out on! If I never had those goodies and I could try them, you better believe I would pig out! She is such a healthy kid, she is having bite size and only one a day...can you imagine being so restrained? There is a reason I am a chubby mama! LOL

Here she is on her Graduation Day from the milk food challenges! It's been hard work, but SO worth it!!



  1. Wow! that is so interesting. Glad she can now go off to college and mom won't worry so much. lol She is so pretty.

  2. Yes: Wow! What a huge life difference to be able to eat without worries of serious issues with such a ubiquitous ingredient, not to mention getting to enjoy the wonderfulness of cheese, pudding, ice cream, chocolate milk, etc.!