Friday, March 7, 2014

One Last Post About Texas

I just have a few more inspirational pictures to show you from my trip to San Antonio. You know how I love STARS! It wouldn't be a good showing of pictures without a few more stars! I think this one is one of my is on a railing in the airport...sure wish it was on my back porch!

The others were in a few shops I found during the trip. Isn't this a nice star clamped onto that pole for fancy jeans? I like those jeans too, but I like the star better!

Here's that Texas Star again on this rack of cowboy hats. Can you just imagine that square unit as a quilt block? I do have a Texas Star Quilt started...only a few block are in the makings when I have a few moments.

I'm sewing it the old fashioned way using the Ardco metal templates, a pencil and sandpaper for easy marking of the lines. It's very peaceful sewing. Can you see those lines drawn on the back of that fabric on the left? I love these templates because they are so easy to trace around. One side is rough so it grabs the fabric a bit. You will only need one because they don't wrinkle or fall apart!

I've shown examples of the metal templates above for several blocks, but I think a friend has the templates for this block. I have plenty drawn to keep me busy for a long while!


All of those 10" squares of fabric have the backs filled with shapes ready to be cut and sewn by hand. If you look close, you can see the faint pencil line drawn on the back of the top fabric. This makes me excited to get this bundle out and start sewing on it again! Maybe this will be my next no brainer stitching project! I wish I had some extra time so I could work on it, that's for sure!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Love how that looks on the circle, nice texture and contrast.


  2. Very cool block. Wouldn't be a "no brainer" for me, though. Nice templates--don't know that I have seen those before.

  3. I love that star block! Like you, I love stars and star quilts!

    I'm making a different Texas Star quilt ... using 2" hexagons, 2" jewel shape, and 1" hexagon. It's my super duper long-term project because I'm EPPing it.

  4. Love those Texas stars. And those templates look awfully familiar (since I won them on your blog!). Guess I don't have a lot of excuse not to make a few!

  5. I'm a sucker for stars too. I do love the star in the circle, can't wait to see what you with it. Thanks for sharing the inspiration.

  6. I love stars, too. I actually made one with stars within a circle within a square within another square, all applique, Montana Stars, made the cover of the Primitive Quilt magazine Winter issue 2013. Look forward to seeing your creation.

    Nancy In MT

  7. Hermoso todo, me encantó la slla con la estrella.
    Lindo viaje.
    Saludos desde Chile

  8. Love seeing all the Texas Stars! I am making a Texas Star quilt using the same metal templates. I have 99 stars finished (I think that's all I need) but it will be a while before I put them together. I really liked using the templates and hope to do a Periwinkle next.

  9. Goodness, sounds like you had quite the Texas adventure. Glad you got home safe at last. Love the stars!

  10. Makes me want to pull out my Ardco metal templates and start another hand piecing project... love that star!!!