Monday, March 3, 2014

I Am Stranded!

Sweet Hubs asked me to tag along with him on business to the beautiful city of San Antonio, TX.  We had a great time enjoying the balmy Texas weather! But then...another ARCTIC BLAST decided to make its way south!  Hubs flew out to a different city than I had scheduled, so he arrived home right on time.  I however, have been stranded alone for 2.5 extra days! Luckily I did manage to have my stitching with me, but everything else of value to a person who is stranded for a few days was with my husband!  We didn't have time to get anything out of the checked bag or his carry on bag...but hey, what else does a quilter need but needle and thread and a few pieces of fabric?!  Turned out the hotel had a shuttle to shopping areas so I was able to get the basics easily. 

I must say, I am anxious to get back home today! I am so thankful for my family!  It's lonely out on the road when you get all of your stitching completed, can't shop because you have to carry everything you want to buy, and of course, when you hear your grown up, busy kid tell you she misses you!  It didn't help when hubs sent a pic of Miss Ginger laying on the laundry, telling me she won't come out to join him! 

Wish me luck everyone!!  I need it to help me get home today!

Take care,


  1. Hope today is a better day for you and you arrive home safe and sound!

  2. Good luck today! I hope you make it home safe and sound! :0)

  3. Hope you get home today! There's a huge difference between a planned 2 1/2 day getaway and a forced one, isn't there? ;-)

  4. That is not fun, I hope your flight gets out and your get safely.


  5. Bummer :(.....Hope you are back in good old " Iowa" today!!!


  6. Hope you make it home very soon.....I was thinking of you yesterday guess I should have called or emailed you, could have passed some time away. Haven't got my border done yet, been buy hand quilting. See ya soon.

  7. Oh no, good luck and stay safe! Hope you make it home very soon!