Friday, February 7, 2014

Found Some Time For Stitching!

I have been overwhelmed with office work recently and finally, I found some time for Stitching! It has been too long since I have held a needle! Before the Super Bowl I decided to prepare a small stack of little projects that have needed finishing for a long time.

This little Bethlehem Star Pincushion has been dragged all over the Midwest, then packed away until the next trip. Along the way I lost a few pieces, so I've prepared them using my starch method for English Paper Piecing. Finally I have finished putting it together and I hope to make it onto a pincushion today!

Next, in the pile was this little EPP strip which needed 3 more pieces to make it whole. It has been shown in progress many I can move on to the next step!

These hexies below are EPP pieces I've made while doing the demo in the booth. I have just as many left over as you see here! I thought this size would make good mug rugs. I have stabilized them on fusible interfacing scraps. No pins to keep track of and very portable. Just a touch with the tip of the iron to the center and it holds them right in place until I am ready to grab that piece and sew! A little tug and it comes right off. Works really great. These interfacing pieces are reusable a few times. I will do this for the next pincushion so I don't loose any pieces! If you sew appliqué pieces down one at a time, this might be a good method to keep track of those pieces.

So far I have two little mug rugs stitched together. Yippee! It takes hardly any time to stitch them together once the pieces are prepared quickly with the starch. Next, I will add a bit of batting and a back and they will be ready to go! Seeing them in the picture makes me think this would make a cute pin cushion as well!

The next block in the pile was this heart made of hexies. These pieces were also made while doing my demo. I made most of these red and white hexies while in Lee's Summit, MO and Oklahoma City. I wonder if I have any new visitors from those shows checking in today? You can see I need a few more pieces, but you get the idea of the heart I hope!

After sewing a few pieces together, I decided I am not the hexie heart kind of gal, so I did some shifting and decided to go with red and white stripes. I think this will be a cute little display to show while vending in Independence, MO next weekend over Valentine's Day. Then I can use it in my home on my wall of quilts or even during the Christmas season next year. One can never have too many mini quilts! Haha! If you are headed to the Calico Cut Ups Show in Independence, MO, please come say hello to me!

I see the lower left corner that I have stitched together is a bit cockeyed, but you get the idea! See that little candy cane I layed out on the right with a few extra pieces? This will be a cute ornament for my tree next year!

The Olympics have officially begun. Enjoy the games for the next few weeks and keep your stitching handy! We are still having super cold temps and will get a few more inches of snow today! Stay warm and stitch as much as you can!

Take care,




  1. What great projects, Missie! I especially love the strip of hexie flowers--maybe it is the colors. It really speaks to me! I think it wants to go home with me. (tee hee)
    Either mug rugs or pin cushions, you couldn't go wrong.
    I like the red/white in stripes, too. How will you finish the back of the candy cane? Just curious.
    Looks to me like you found lots of time to sew! : )

  2. Wow - that looks like more than a little stitching to me! Glad you found time to stitch!

  3. A Hexie heart...what a great idea!

  4. WOW! Is right....wonderful "Hexie's" and projects. Have a wonderful time next weekend!


  5. Wow. I can't even imaging sewing all those hexagons together. Amazing.
    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)


  6. Hexies seem to be your new best friends!!! You have some great projects (and ideas!) Missie!

    I love how "portable" the hexie projects are... they can go anywhere we can!

    Have a great show in Missouri!

  7. Great projects Missie - looks like you've been really busy! I'm totally confused about how your fusing the hexies to stabilize them - can you explain a little better for me? I'm working with some hexies now and thought your info might be helpful.

  8. I like the tip of doing a row of hexies and then joining the rows. All of my straw needles end up bent and t doesn't bother me.. Now, when it comes to hand quilting, no bent needles are allowed, but since I don't use cotton batting anymore, that doesn't seem to happen much. Love your little pin cushion!

  9. I haven't worked out the bugs how to talk back and forth. I respond here and read your updated post. I learned the SVG, DXF, GSD, it's like another language but fully versed now. But, I would love to learn that photo shop adobe. I only got Photo shop elements and don't know how to use it. I use Power point and Paint works ok for now. but I was just over laying on digital nail art.

    was working on some digital nail art and I wanted a box so I went on Ebay and won a bid on a Robo Craft cc 100 really one of the first models they ever made. Well it works just fine and wow. this cutter open a whole new world to me. then what you know.
    My brothers wife is really into the circuit and cuttle bug. so I got my cuttle bug from my brother for a gift. so there you have it. I now obsessed with these two objects. I really have seen the ecutter. but, I just ran across some quilters cutting die plates that go into I quess that ecutter and realize that you can cut larger area's than my little old out of date machine. I so envious now. I can only cut an are 8.5 by 15 long. and paper bags and some other projects I would love to do, need a large area. so for now I make and design two connecting pieces. So to end this story . computer crashed and bye bye to all my digital art for my nails (article ) and hello paper crafting. I have no regrets. but this stitching site got my interest now.. have you seen it... awesome patterns. Hope to make a stitch card with a little simple design from the original version.

  10. This is specific to your post. Wow that's a lot of detailed work making hexagons To accomplish so much little hexagon., you where born to quilt..