Saturday, February 1, 2014

For The Ones I Love...<3

We've had a busy week in this household with flu's and such! Even Ginger seems to be a little blue...I couldn't get her to wake up to smile for you! She is so relaxed in her bed. Earlier she jumped up on the couch to help Katie feel better...snuggled right up next to her to give her some love! She knows she isn't allowed on the couches, but since she was on a quilt, I let her be next to the one she was lovin' on at the moment.

So glad the weekend is here and we can look forward to brighter days this coming week! Last night, while playing nurse to my hubs and daughter, I made this little pin cushion. It was super fast and super easy...ready for the one(s) I love to see this morning and know I hope they feel better soon!


You can make this pin cushion if you'd like...just jot down these instructions or come back when you are ready to sew. Draw a 4" square onto freezer paper. Draw and X from corner to corner on the paper. Cut it apart and also cut on the diagonal lines. Iron 2 freezer paper triangles to purple wool and 2 freezer paper triangles to blue wool. Cut them out nice and neat.

Then draw a heart on freezer paper about 1 1/2" long (or email me and I will send it to you!) on freezer paper and then iron it onto red wool and cut out on the line. Cut a red wool square 4 3/4" and set aside. Cut a tan wool square 5" and set aside.

Hold one blue and one purple square wrong sides together and whip stitch one of the short sides together. Pull them slightly taught so they hold the fabric together well.

Repeat for the other two triangles. Lay them out first to make sure you will be sewing the correct seams together. Then sew the two pieces together the same way, making an hour glass block with the whip stitch seams facing the right side. Lay this pieced square on top of the red wool square and whip stitch the edges being careful to keep it square as you sew. Trim the red wool square a scant 1/4" away from the hour glass block.


Next, place the red heart in the center and whip stitch it in place leaving a straight side open to stuff with a cotton ball. It only takes one! Tuck all the cotton in nice and neat and finish stitching the heart in place.

Finally lay the pin cushion top onto the tan square. Again, whip stitch the edge onto the tan wool, keeping it nice and straight as you stitch. Leave part of one side open, stuff slightly and finish sewing the pin cushion closed. Trim the tan wool about 1/4" away from the red square. Now you can think of the One You Love as you display this pincushion this Valentine season.

I hope you are staying warm! We're supposed to get some snow today! Then maybe 8”+ next week! It's definitely winter around here!

Take care,




  1. Cute heart! Sorry you are batting the flu at your house - hope they don't share it with you! We had about 4" of snow last night - looks so fresh and pretty this morning (says the girl who isn't leave the house!).

  2. What a sweet little cushion, Missie. I hope I can stitch one up before the holiday. My sewing room could use a little love. : )
    Hope everyone at your house is better real soon!

  3. I hope everyone feels better. I seem to be fighting something, but my body is fighting, so that is good.
    Fun pin cushion, wool projects are great for cold winter days.


  4. What an adorable pincushion. A girl can never have too many of them!

  5. Super cute pincushion! I do hope everyone is healthy again very soon at your house. Stay warm and keep stitching!

  6. I loved this cushion so much I was going to write down the instructions so I could make one of my own. Imagine my surprise when I got my mail today and there was a package from you, with not one but two lovely pincushions inside! Thank you so much! I'll get the PIF posted on my blog soon! :0)

  7. Ginger makes my heart melt. She is so darn adorable! Love your little pincushion and I hope everybun is feeling better at your house. xx

  8. Ginger looks so lovely! And I love your pincushion. I hope everyone is feeling better soon!