Friday, December 13, 2013

The Trimmings Are Up! Cyber Special Still On!

Here's a reminder that the Cyber Special is still happening at TRADITIONALPRIMITIVES.COM until Saturday night! Go check it out! One FREE EPP pincushion pattern for each pattern you purchase, up to 7 free! Thanks so much to those of you who have made pattern purchases! Feel free to use the contact form and send me your wish list for Christmas. Then send your loved ones my way and I will pass along the list so they can surprise you with a gift...


We've found time to complete our Christmas decorating in this household. This year it's minimal decorations as we are lucky to have found a few minutes to get things pulled out and put up! It's always so wonderful to hang out in a room that is lit up for Christmas. I wish we could leave it all there till the Easter Bunny comes! Haha!


We've put the tree in a new spot this year to make room for another chair in the family room. When the family is all here, we have too many sitting on the floor! Hopefully this will help the situation. I am standing near the dining table so it's nice we can see the tree from most parts of this main living area. ( along with the backs of our chairs! LOL


FINALLY! Pennies In My Garden is up on the wall. I'm so excited to have it there, even if it is only for a few weeks. I will be vending at the Oklahoma City Winter Quilt Show January 9-11, so it will come down during that time. Please come see me if you live nearby! I think this may be my favorite quilt that I have designed. Perhaps it is the warm colors. It was exciting to see it on the wall after a long wait. This quilt has traveled quite a bit in it's young life, from being on display in a quilt show, to being on display in vending booths, to being on display in a store also. I'm happy it is home for a while! You can see that we also moved the quilt ladder to a new spot during the holidays. It looks crooked in this picture, but it is as straight as it can be! It's a mystery why it looks cockeyed in the picture! Haha!


And to the left of that blue chair above is the fireplace. We have the old fashioned felt and sequin stockings. One of my first stitching projects was my own stocking similar to these back when I was in Jr. High. When I saw these I knew they were going to be a family heirloom...even if they are full of plain old felt and sequins and beads. They sparkle wonderfully in the evening light! I have one more kit waiting to be made for the next son in law, when ever he arrives. I will need to find one more before they stop making these kits! And then, I wonder if they will still make them when the grandkids start to come...oh, the worries! Haha!


Here is the candle mat that I gave my secret pal Tuesday night! It was so fun to give it. The recipient was genuinely excited about it and it just made my week to see her smile. Such a sweetheart! I forgot to get a picture with the antique ball I made so she sent me a picture. It is below. These are made from the pattern, Josie's Petals that you can find on my website.


It was also a wonderful evening because we shared fabrics and gift cards with one of the small group members who had a house fire a few months ago. She is living in a spare room of her daughter's boyfriend's home and has lost most all of her belongings, including fabrics. She has one block she works on occasionally and the fabrics we gave will keep her going for a while and start up her stash again. We gave gift cards so she can replace household items once she gets back into her home again. Tis the season for giving and it was so wonderful to be touched by the joy of giving.

Merry Christmas to you all during this wonderful season!

Take care,




  1. Your tree and all of your decorations look so warm and inviting. It is nice to see Pennies at your house...even though I liked it a lot when I had custody of it! Love the candle mat and ball that you gave your secret pal - she's a lucky girl!

  2. Love all your Christmas trimmings, so festive. Thanks for sharing your cozy home.


  3. Thanks for sharing your home, Missie. It is wonderful to see how festive and homey it looks.
    Pennies looks beautiful on your wall. Love it!
    LOL, we have felt and sequin stockings, too. Mine were from a pattern in a craft book back in the 70s. I keep thinking I should replace them, but they ARE family heirlooms, aren't they? : )
    Your Josie's Petals gift is beautiful!

  4. Your tree and decorations are beautiful. I love those panel designs in the background, are they windows? Would love to see a closeup.


  5. its a beautiful quilt wow looks great in your living room too!
    love the design