Thursday, December 5, 2013


I can't believe so much time has passed since I gave you all the free Wooly Tree Pattern! I finally had a few minutes to start on about you? You can find it on my web store HERE. Take a look around while you are there! Now that you have most likely finished your cyber sale shopping for gift giving, why don't you give yourself a little gift of a pattern from my site!

*** For my After The Rush Cyber Special I will offer a free English Paper Piecing Pincushion Pattern if you purchase a pattern. ONE FREE pattern for EACH pattern purchased! (Up to 7 free since I have 7 different English Paper Piecing Pincushion Patterns). From now through Saturday night!

Everyone loves a FREEBIE!

Back to the Woolie Tree freebie! The pattern you printed was the size of the tree on the left. I blew mine up a bit larger...

I am using scraps all the way and found a 12.5" square of a fabric I have had for more than 14 years! It is sort of a light canvas with quilted lines that will show up when the fabric is washed or stained with Antique It. Once apron a time, I was going to make a vest from this fabric! Glad I didn't! Haha! I also found one piece of brown wool that was large enough for a one piece trunk and branches. You could easily trace the different parts of the tree onto several pieces of wool for a multi wool fabric trunk and branches. I decided to use Heat N Bond Light to trace and adhere the wool branches and trunk since the piece is so small.

Then I found some yellow plaid and repros for the Sunshine and the green wool strip for the grass. (Yikes! I see after looking at this post that my grass was cut on the fold but from the wrong side of the pattern. See how my tree is on a hill rather than in a valley as the pattern shows? Oh well...I am not going to waste the wool, so will keep it as is! OR, wool is so forgiving, I may cut the grass in the center and flip the sides and seam the middle so my tree is in the valley after all. We'll see when I get to sewing! )

You can see my plastic container in the picture above that holds my wool scraps. I will dig through and choose scraps for the leaves after the base pieces are sewn down.

Next, the plan is to use some wool threads and do a nice small running stitch to attach these pieces to the background. After that I will start to embellish with leaves and other goodies. Won't you join me? I would love to post some pictures as we work along together and see what we do for a finished project! We won't be in too much of a rush,as it is a busy time of year for all. A few minutes to prep it as I have and you will be ready to sew along a few minutes here and there. Send me an email or post if you want to join in and send me a few pics along the way! Won't it be fun to see how everyone chooses a different look...let's use our scraps and get stitching!

Don't forget to check out my patterns available on my web site and remember the special going on for my After The Rush Cyber Special...a free English Paper Piecing Pincushion Pattern (up to 7) for each pattern you buy!

I hope you are nice and warm where you are...we have frigid temps here in Iowa today! So much for getting my outside decs up before the cold settled in...

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  1. I think your tree looks good on a hill! Are you still planning to incorporate the house into your design?
    I came across my copy of this pattern when I was cleaning up my sewing room a couple of weeks ago and I have sketched out some possible alterations I may try. I may not have time to start until after the holidays, but I will send photos when it gets going.
    I'm headed over to check out your patterns.

  2. I like how your tree is coming out. I have cards and the last of the gifts to get ready to ship, then I am going to start working on projects for me and for fun. Lots of things that I never got a chance to make and time to get to them.