Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wool Scraps Project!

Ok Ladies, I have sent the wool scraps pattern! If you signed up for this little freebie, look in your email inbox and see if it's there. Please let me know if you did not recieve it. You can shrink it, or blow it up a bit larger to suit your desires. You can duplicate it and make a wall hanging or table topper. Get creative and use those tiny scraps...then show me what you have made!

I'm going to start with a few of these scraps...

These will make good branches...

And I'm going to make colorful fall leaves...

Use the tiniest pieces to make leaves, scrap strips to build the tree trunk and branches, and maybe you'll want to add an apple, pear, or tiny pineapple.

Just take it easy and cut a half circle to start the leaf, (those scissor blades are about an inch long)

Then flip it around and cut another half circle to form the leaf! Very easy. They don't need to be the same size or shape...get creative!

Stitch each down with a few stitches of your choice. Perhaps a tiny blanket stitch, a slip stitch, a star or an x- stitch. Think about putting a small bead on top of each leaf...that might be cute! And perhaps a few embroidery stitches out on the background. Fill it full and use those scraps! And don't forget to send me pics as you go. I will give updates and post them in future posts so everyone can get good ideas

My youngest is a Senior in High School this year. We had some family pictures done along with her senior portraits while the other two sisters were in town. We just needed my super Son In Law and the picture would be complete. We love the pic though and were so glad all our girls were home at the same time! The girls from left to right are the middle DD, the youngest DD and the oldest DD! Of course, that's Miss Ginger in the grass, and Hubs on the right! Our happy little family.

I've been packing up for my trip to Rogers and am looking forward to meeting all the ladies who are taking the class on English Paper Piecing at The Rabbit's Lair. There will be a trunk show of my designs during the morning and I can visit with shoppers. It will be such fun to share my passion for EPP! When the day is done, I'll be heading a bit north to my folks area to do a trunk show for my Mom's Neighbors and Friends group. Should be a fun few days!

In between, I'm still working on the borders for the penny quilt. It's coming along nicely and is quick work since the main flowers and leaves are already sewn together. All I'm doing now is outlining each shape to sew it on. It worked great to sew the pieces together before placing the larger shape on the background!

I may be out of touch for a few days due to traveling. I'll be back in touch next week!

Take Care,




  1. You have three beautiful daughters and that is a wonderful family portrait.


  2. What a gorgeous family you make. A beautiful photo.

  3. Beautiful family pic! I see some very proud parents! Have fun at the trunk show!

  4. What a beautiful family! Have fun with the class and trunk shows.

  5. I did not receive the pattern. Sent you an email! Thanks for the cutting tips.
    What a lovely family!
    Have a great show!

  6. I just love your family picture - you have such a beautiful family. I hope you have a great time this weekend - and I look forward to a full report!

  7. Beautiful family Missie! We are SO overdue to have pictures taken - now we need to wait for the new baby to arrive in November - and son is getting married in December so we might as well wait till then.

  8. What a beautiful family you have. I was wondering if you could send me the freebie pattern if it isn't too late. I'd love to work on it. Thanks so much.

  9. Lovely family picture, Missie. Have fun on your trip, class and trunk show!


  10. What an awesome family photo. Your girls are every bit as beautiful as you Missie. Have fun teaching. I know your students will adore you.

  11. What a beautiful family portrait! You are all so photogenic!