Friday, September 27, 2013


My Turn is today for the Crazy About Wool Blog Hop!  This hop has been lots of fun!  So many cute ideas and giveaways !!  I'm excited to share a bit about wool today because it is soooo easy to love working with wool!

How many of you have NOT done wool applique?  If not, you've just got to try it!  It is such a rewarding method of stitching.  You can do wool applique by hand using the blanket stitch or the whip stitch or even a simple running stitch.  You can do wool applique by machine also, using any decorative stitch you like, or as you see in the project I've designed for today, you can simply drop your feed dogs and use a freehand straight stitch to sew the applique on very easily. 

Working with wool is so relaxing...and quick...and it doesn't make me itch like wearing wool does...
It doesn't make my fingers dry like I thought it would...and it isn't difficult to work with. 
Working with wool is so fast because you don't have to turn under any raw edges.  There's no need to hide your stitches because usually we wool applique lovers like the stitches to show! 

It's also can stretch it just a bit here and there to make it fit just right.  Unless you use fusible webbing to attach the pieces in place...then it's not quite so forgiving.  I love to use glue sticks to hold my pieces in place and some ladies use pins or even more interesting things which I'll tell you about soon!

I love to use wools and cottons together as you've seen in past posts.  That makes me the happiest!
What about you?  All wool?  Or a mixture of wool and cotton?  I'd love to hear about what you like.

The best part about working with wool is that it is so very beautiful.  The colors are rich and deeply textured when you find some wonderfully hand dyed wools. 

For all of you blog hoppers, I've created a PDF pattern called Punkin Mug Rug that you can download free! 
Just click HERE to go to my website, Traditional Primitives (formerly Hallbrook Designs).  You will find the free file on my Blog Page of the site.  Just click on the file and print!  Please send me a picture of the Mug Rug you make.  I'd love to see how you put your touch on this easy little pattern.
For my regular followers, you did read my website name above correctly!  I am changing my little business name back to it's original name as of now.  A few years ago I had someone tell me they would never look at my patterns in a store based on the name of my company.  After a few years of repeating "Hallbrook" so folks can understand me, spelling it for people, and explaining where the name came from, I've decided it just isn't working and I'll go with what my "gut" originally told me to name my pattern design business.  Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter explains my style so well...Traditional with a touch of Primitive.  I hope you like it too!   From now on, I'll be posting from my NEW BLOG...TRADITIONAL PRIMITIVES.  Click on the name and you will be redirected.  Please take a moment to become a follower of the new site so you don't miss out on any new posts!  I'd love to keep in touch of course!!
I bid you farewell from Hallbrook Designs and welcome you to join me at
Traditional Primitives from Missie Carpenter, my new website.  For a little while longer you will be directed to the old website for shopping, but you'll see the transition complete in just a few weeks!  Please make changes if you've saved my website and update my email address as we correspond with each other by email.  
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  1. Cute mug rug! I do love wool, although I only have a few small bits of it.

  2. Cute little mugrug , I love working with wool on wool but I also love wool on cotton , I guess I just love wool . Thanks for the pattern .

  3. Your mug rug is so sweet. I work in all wool, and in wool and cotton together. I think the combination is really fun and offers many design options.

  4. Thank you for the mug rug pattern! I love working with all wool the best, but have also done a lot of wool on cotton projects as well. I also just switched over to following your new blog.

  5. I have to agree about wool applique. It is so quick, easy, and forgiving! I like combining wool with other fibers. I make do with whatever colors work together best. I love sorting through my stash for just the right piece. Great appliqué!

  6. I just started working with wool for the first time in January at a Lisa Bongean workshop. I LOVE it! I was hesitant because I can't wear wool, but it doesn't bother me to stitch it. I like combining wool with cotton.
    Very cute little mug rug pattern. Thanks!
    I love your new (original) name, Missie, and I'm heading now to your new blog to become a follower!

  7. I love that mug rug! Thanks for the pattern (and I have just become a follower on your new blog)!

  8. Adorei seus trabalhos e seguindo em novo blog!

  9. Wool is sew very comfortable and cozy. Your mug rug is lovely. Thank you sew much for hopping in this Woolunderful hop. Creative Blissful Stitching...

  10. That is a fun piece and mug rugs are fun to do.
    I just finished my last fall piece, I know I will never get Christmas done if I don't start now.


  11. Great mug rug. I have plans to make some for Christmas presents so I must get started.

  12. Love your mug rug--sew cute! Thanks for sharing.