Monday, June 17, 2013

Drumroll Please......The winner is...

And the winner is..... Jacqueline! Give it up for Jacqueline and 100 posts! Congratulations!!
She's a new follower by way of Woolie Mammoth Blog! She wishes me good luck on a hundred more posts! I sure hope I can keep you all interested for that long and longer... As I said before, it has been so nice to "meet" each and every one of you over the past year. Wish I could give you all 100 pieces of fabrics... I look forward to getting to know you all better as time goes by. Please feel free to leave comments any time so we can get to know each other better!

Today, I spent some time quilting on the Des Moines Area Quilt Guild's Show Quilt. We will sell tickets at our show in October for a chance to win. It's a beauty for sure! Very unique as it celebrates quilting history. I took a few pictures the other day and you can see a bit of the quilt in the pictures.
Here, we have Deanna, Marge (who designed the quilt), and Virginia.
Kathy and Helen,

And Val and Carolyn! We are having fun together quilting and getting to know each other. Some of these ladies i know already, others i am just meeting. It's so special to sit at a frame and quilt as our ancestors did long ago. I'm going to miss stitching with these ladies when the quilt is done! We have a ways to go on the quilting so we will still see each other for a while to stitch! I'll show a full picture in the near future when I can get a snapshot.
Have you ever quilted on a frame? This is my first time to quilt like this! So fun!
Thanks for participating in the giveaway post! I loved reading all the comments.
Take care,


  1. I have quilted on a frame for years. As a matter of fact, I have a baby quilt on the frame here at home now. Weekly, I quilt with my friends and it's usually a full-sized quilt.

  2. I learned to quilt on a frame like this on my Mother's quilts--took up most of our living room. Then, as a young mom, I joined the quilt group once a week at our church. We would sometimes have as many as three quilts on frames in the room at a time. I was the youngest in the group and I learned to love those women and the life lessons I learned from them. We disbanded when most of them could no longer get out to quilt--most of them have passed away now. I miss that group so much!

  3. YAHOO I am the lucky winner. Thanks so much - I will be waiting by the mailbox..

    I have never quilted on a frame. I use a hoop and am not sure my stitching would match up with others.. I still take a fairly big stitch compared to what I have seen at quilt shows. But hey practice makes perfect and I am willing to keep on practicing. The needle going up and down gives me a peaceful feeling.. like LIFE IS GOOD.

    Thanks again Missie and maybe I will get to meet you in Columbus.

  4. I would love to quilt on a frame like that with a group of ladies! How fun.

  5. oh how fun to sit around a quilt, stitchen and visiting! i love to hand stitch! i just got back from a minnesota quilt show and gosh ya come home all inspired and ready to quilt! enjoy your day Missie!

  6. Congratulations to Jacqueline and it`s fun meet with other quilters.I met one day in a week with five friends and me six and I enjoy be with them laughing, sewing and quiltingm hours run.Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  7. Oh I am jealous! I wish I had a group to hand-quilt on a frame with. It is one of my dreams!!

  8. You lucky lady. I would so love to quilt on a frame with a group of ladies! I can imagine it would be great fun.