Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Woolies, The Quilted Crow Girls and The Last Give Away Reminder!!

There's another pattern available in the Little Woolie Series and I'm calling it
Autumn Sunset
You might say these last few patterns have looked very similar to my punched mini quilts...well, you are right! I've had some requests from stores to make the punched designs into projects for those who don't do punchneedle. Thus the Little Woolie Series was born! I have a few more to "copy" from the punched projects and then I'll start on something new, which will be exciting!

If any of you live near Omaha, have you heard that The Quilted Crow Girls are coming this way?!? I am so excited to attend the weekend retreat and it's only a few weekends away! These ladies are from Tasmania and I hear they are so much fun.
You may have seen their latest book in stores. It should be an awesome weekend of stitching lessons and humor. If you are nearby, you can check out the info HERE at the More Sew For You Quilt shop website. While you are there, check out the home page and you will see my Primitive Pineapple Welcome mini punchneedle quilt featured. Lyn, the owner, has a great store in Omaha. I'm sad it's 2 hours away from me for I'd love to enjoy their English Paper Piecing Club and their Little Quilt Club. She has a wonderful selection of civil war fabrics along with punchneedle and wool and other types of fabrics too! Anyway, if you live nearby and can attend the Crows Retreat, it would be awesome to see you there! (Let me know it you are attending!)
We have sunshine today. I'm so grateful to see it shine afte so many days of rain. I'm also grateful the sad situation in Boston can begin to close for the whole town as well as our young relatives who live there. Lives have been changed forever but at least the terror is done for now...
Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by today! Don't forget to sign up for the pincushion pattern give away from a few posts ago!!
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  1. Love this Little Woolie! It looks like it would be a quick one to whip up. So looking forward to seeing The Crows! It is going to be a fun weekend for sure!

  2. Wonderful pattern to use wool and quilting styles together and nice size for quick projects.


  3. Sweet pattern, Missie! Makes you wish you step right into that cozy little home. I'd heard about The Crows coming to Omaha earlier but then things got busy and I procrastinated about signing up. By now, I'm guessing all the spots are full. Would love to hear about it once you get back!