Saturday, April 13, 2013

Odd place to quilt!!

Can you guess where I am?


I have deadlines to fulfill and no spare time...soooo, I found myself doing some stitching at a Track Meet this morning! A Track Meet?! It was 32* and sunny with a light breeze at 9am this morning...I really need to finish the little quilt I am working on for Market, so what's a girl to do? We have to squeeze in stitching time WHENEVER AND WHEREVER we can find some time! I got a few pieces sewn on while watching Katie do the High Jump event. No time to waste! I'm sure I got a few odd looks stitching at a track meet!

Where is the oddest place you have stitched before? Most of us have stitched a bit in the car, at sporting events, in airports...I'd love to hear about where you've done some quick stitching!


This is a sneak peak of some of the pieces I am using for the quilt I am designing for Blackberry Primitives. I'll show you more when I can...

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Way too cold for a track meet! Brrr!! Glad yo got some stitching in - can't wait to see the finished product. Even some of my family members act like I'm weird when I stitch at gatherings like birthday parties. I figure, I'm just sitting there, doing nothing, I might as well be stitching!

  2. I have been attending track meets in the cold also!! I haven't tried to sew at one yet. When I was in the Army and stationed in Korea I was on CQ duty and brought my sewing machine down to the desk I was making items for my kids for Christmas and all the guys would walk by and look at me like what in the world was I doing, as if soldiers can't be sewers.