Friday, April 19, 2013

Another New Pattern...And A Giveaway reminder!

Indian Summer...that time in the fall when you think there are no more nice days left before the weather stays cold...then a burst of warm sun and temps come for a few the Midwest we call it
Indian Summer
This 12" wool project is one in The Little Woolie series. It has the warm sunburst in the center, the fall leaves and acorns.. Work on this little quilt now so it's ready when the fall season arrives! This Little woolie will be perfect on one of the wire hangers that are so popular. a QUICK and easy finish!!
Count your blessings and keep those in Boston in your thoughts today. I know many must be fearful and we all hope for a speedy close to the terrible events of the week.
Don't forget to get signed up for the Give Away from the last post!
Take care,


  1. You have been so busy! Of course, I love this one too - nice varieties of wool.

  2. Those wools are so beautiful together in your fall piece.