Friday, December 11, 2015

This The Season!

It's just about Christmas but it sure doesn't feel like it! My goodness, today was another 60* day here in Iowa! Hardly feels like winter, but we are expecting about 2" of snow this weekend, so that should help us get in the mood for the Holiday. Our tree is a bit sad this year. We got rid of our old one because we had more fake needles on the floor than were left on the tree. I really loved that tree and had it for many years. This year we are using the poinsettia tree we usually put by the front door because I have not found one I like just yet. My kids will have a fit when they see this poor little tree! Maybe they will help me find one. That would be a great "together" activity!

I've been working on a new quilt using the Hexies that I've made during my demo at quilt shows this year. I had about 50 Hexies cut from a double layer of C.Jenkins Freezer Paper and made a whole box full of multi colored Hexies during the year. I'd guess I have close to 500 ready to be sewn together. I'm excited about combining two of my favorite quilty things...English Paper Piecing and Wool Applique!

That's a half inch Hexie there! Looks a bit giant since I zoomed in so far! Tomorrow will be an afternoon sewing with a few friends and I'm happy to be seeing them! We'll have a great time and I'll be starting on another new Applique quilt. It's been quite a while since I've done needleturn and I'm getting excited about that too. So fun to have new things in the works!

If any of you need a nice little gift for someone who loves quilts, I have a few of the 2016 Agenda Books from Quiltmania left. They are such a nice size for putting in your purse or on your desk! Only $10 and its full of lovely quilts! I was surprised to learn my little Hexie quilt and pincushion is on the first page! Pretty exciting!! They are available on the website on the Notions Page if you are interested!! I also have a few of the Autumn Simply Vinage Magazines left if you happen to need one of those too!

Be sure to find me on FB, Pinterest and Instagram! I'm posting there more often there these days as its so much quicker and I'm finding time a bit harder to come by these days. I'll be starting another Gardens Of A King and posting about it on FB soon if you'd like to join the fun there. (I'm sure I'll show the pictures here too so you won't miss out!) you can also find others who are making some of my quilts at and search for Traditional Primitives.


Ginger is ready for Christmas and wishes you the best!

Have a wonderful winter weekend and

Take care,




  1. I notice your window covering in the arch. Was it made specifically to fit that space. I have three arch windows and they are a problem.

  2. The tree looks beautiful in that area and it does look nice against the window curtain.
    I could never get Bean to wear a hat, he would want to eat it.


  3. Dear Missie,
    beautiful patchwork decoration behind the tree, looks wonderful, and the tree too.

  4. Ginger does not look pleased about her hat! I had the same trouble with a tree - I did find one last year. I decided that I was being too picky and just bought one - not as nice as our old one, but it's good enough! Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  5. I'm so excited to here that you are doing another Garden of the Kings quilt. My New Years resolution (one of them anyway) is to get back to mine. I have posted a few to the Yahoogroup page, but I think I might have better luck on FB. I love your tree and the applique in the background is so fabulous. Merry Christmas, Missie

  6. Ginger looks less than 'merry' about that hat. LOL She's a cutie! Have a wonderful Christmas!!

  7. I LoVe the 1/2circle window covering! Is there a pattern for it! It sure solves the problem of what to do with them! Thanks for sharing! It's beautiful!