Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Little Rug Love!


I've been busy preparing for a rug hooking Hook In that I am vending at with Saltbox Primitives in Warsaw, MO on Sept. 6th...I'm pretty excited about it! These rugs were ALL made from last weekend to Thursday using the Amy Oxford Punch Tool. It is a fast way to "hook" a rug for sure! The larger design took about 2 days to punch and the two smaller chair pads took about a half day each. The Oxford Punch is used pretty much just like a Punchneedle, only it is much easier because you can punch in any direction and of course the wool covers the design quicker. Using a punch instead of a hook gives a bit less organized look to the loops. But I like the look as an option to the more organized rug hooking. And you know me...I love to find quick ways to do the more traditional arts!


I have the oxford punch listed on the website if you are interested. They come with instructions and a stitch gauge. You can find them HERE at Traditional at the bottom of the page. This punch works well with a #7 or #8 wool strip, or of course bulky yarn for rugs. It's another great tool! If you are interested in buying the patterns, send me a quick note and I'll list prices for you. They are not added to the site yet..

I am loving this art...just what I needed ...another passion I can't seem to put down ! Has anyone used their new starch brush yet? I'd love to hear how you like it!

One more thing...I am now on Instagram! I finally joined so I could see some fun pics of my kids and that made me realize it's time to make an account for my business. Follow me for quick updates of what I'm up to! Search for Traditional.Primitives to find me!

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  1. I like the idea of punching, but would like to try it with wool yarn, I do have a stash of that too. I do need new chair pads and I can use the large hoop for the right size, so something I should think about and design ideas. Yours came out beautifully and love the colors.


  2. Hey Missie - Looks like you're a natural at punching rugs! Your designs look great and I can't believe how quickly you got them all made! Congrats on your accomplishment - I know you'll enjoy the hook-in.

  3. I'm not a rug hooker, but I love them. I really like that unstructured look of the punched rugs.

  4. Hi Missie I love the rug even though I'm not a rug hooker. I used to hook back in the day when we bought the precut strips of yarn. Your design is beautiful, and I can see that made into an appliqué. Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been busy unpacking from our move, and I'm pretty sure I didn't respond. I love your English Paper Piecing projects.

  5. I have also used a similar hook with yarn, but back in the 70's!

    1. Thanks Susan, for your recent comments on several posts! Isn't it funny how old things become new again! Punchneedle is an art I learned in the 70's also! But both of these arts are very old, along with many of our other hand work techniques for quilting. Amazing!