Thursday, July 3, 2014

Holiday Stitching! And Giveaway Update!

Happy 4th of July! I can't believe it is July 4th already! This year is absolutely flying by...

I hope you all get to have a few moments to stitch before the busy weekend to celebrate the 4th of July! Those of you who live in the USA anyway! I got lots of prep done on my new quilt yesterday and I hope to find a few moments each morning and evening (except for during the fireworks of course!) Dont you hate it when you have some exciting stitching ready and then can't find any time to stitch!?! The weather is beautiful in the, slightly breezy and pleasant temps for the last few days, so the picnickers will be thrilled with the forecast for family and friendly gatherings. The nice weather does not help me find time for stitching either...but I will steal away a few moments here and there to stitch a bit now an then.

That's what's so nice about hand stitching. I can do it on the porch, in the car, at the park, and of course all comfy cozy in my recliner! Perhaps I can show you some more snippets soon.


I can't seem to hold the camera still this fine day, but there's a little patriotic snippet of my next quilt! It will be a quilt using my favorite techniques...English Paper Piecing and Appliqué. I may add a little wool appliqué as well! Once you start with wool appliqué, it's a bit addictive, just like our other favorite techniques in quilting.

What's your favorite stitching technique to piece a quilt?

Don't forget to scroll down and go to my last post about my giveaway!

You could win this little sewing machine box (it's about 4" of cuteness!) if you let me know that you have added my blog to your sidebar if you are a blogger. If you are not a blogger, please copy me in on an email where you share my blog with a fellow quilter. I'm trying to grow my blog so if you are not a follower yet, please join my sight with the link titled "Join This Site" on the left sidebar of my blog. I'm planning on filling this cute little case with some small sized goodies for the winner! Maybe it will overflow just a bit!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Take care,




  1. You are a tease! : )
    I have so many projects I want to work on right now--and yes, time is very limited. Can be tricky to squeeze in time for fabric therapy.
    Can't wait to see what goes in that cute case--and who the lucky winner is!

  2. I have a ton of things to do and can't get it done, need to get organized.
    It is either too hot to do anything or too nice to stay inside, lol.
    We have the storm going by so no fireworks tomorrow.


  3. You are a tease! I follow you, added you to my sidebar and also did a blog post about that darling case! Since it isn't available here, I have my toes crossed too! LOL I love wool applique and have a project I want to start soon. Have a great 4th!

  4. Happy 4th of July, Missie! Thanks for raising the curiosity of quilters everywhere with that tease of a photo!
    You are on my sidebar... wouldn't have it any other way!

  5. It does seem that the best laid plans don't always work out. I finally got time to quilt a Quilt of Valor on Wednesday that I had hoped to have done last Saturday. I'm going to spend some time today prepping some handwork so I can pick it up and work on it whenever I have a little spare time. Can't wait to see the new quilt you are working on! Happy Fourth!

  6. I'm a central Iowa quilter and have all Iowa bloggers on my Favorites list. I'm not a blogger, but I do spend a lot of time visiting my personal favorites, and you are one of those faves.

  7. Hi Missie - I blogged about you today and I've added you to my sidebar!

  8. I just started to follow you and I really enjoying it.