Tuesday, June 10, 2014

THIS Is What It's All About!!

Do you ever get a little Ho Hum about sewing the same quilt a few times over? When I WANT to make the same quilt over and over, it's all good, but when I NEED to make a repeat, sometimes I do procrastinate a bit...

In the past few months, I have sold a few samples to stores and needed to make my own sample once again. I'm afraid I fibbed a bit when I posted that I have not been doing any sewing. I realized today, the truth is, I have not been able to make anything NEW lately. I have, however, been working on the samples mentioned...Punchneedle Mini Quilts. The one I needed to replace in my own stash is Little Brookshire Star. My goodness...when I started sewing these little squares together this morning, I did get so excited about it! And....THAT'S what it's all about!!! Getting excited about quilting, punching, stitching, etc! I'm so excited to finish this little quilt up...LOL, the day before I needed it done!

Little Brookshire Star...here she is...

12.5" in all of her glory...

Two afternoons to punch and stitch, an hour to cut strips for squares, and an hour to sew the squares together! Voila'...a sweet little mini for me to enjoy once again! I love the colors and the work that looks difficult. We all know the secret that Punchneedle, lazy daisy stitch and squares are so easy to do! If you are interested, you can have one too by clicking HERE to purchase the pattern at my store! I would LOVE to hear what YOU are excited about stitching on today! Thanks for stopping by!

Take care,




  1. The quilt came out beautifully and it is a beautiful design.
    I got in the mood to punch this week so working on a pattern I have had for years, about time I did it;)


  2. It is a beautiful little quilt, Missie. I can see why it is exciting to you!
    I would just be excited to have some time to stitch lately! : )

  3. OH this is so beautiful! Love the scrappy border :)

  4. Love it! Glad you got it done in time!

  5. What an exquisitely lovely little piece!
    sooo small!!

  6. Love it is so beautiful;)
    greetings :)

  7. Missy, that little American Girl sewing machine case is to die for. I'm gonna have to go on a hunt today and see if I can find one. I stopped the other week at McD and saw the promotion, but I got a funky hair barette with a purple strand of hair. Would love to win your prize.....Kathy