Sunday, July 14, 2013


There was no other way to describe the day yesterday than Scrumpdillyumtious! And Yes, we quilters sometimes describe our fabrics in terms usually used for food or loved ones! Haha! A few blogging friends and I got together yesterday for a little roadtrip to have some fun and see some new stores! As I said, it was a Scrumdillyumptious Day with friends and fabrics! Blogging buddies Kathy from Kindred Quilts , Carolyn of Lee Prairie Designs , Julie of Me And My Stitches and I had a great day together! It's pretty amazing when you meet with people and it feels like you have been friends for a long time. The world of blogging brings all of us together as often as we want through our computers, but it sure is fun to meet up in person! We all bought some new goodies for our stashes of course!

When I laid out my new stash this morning, the first thing that came to mind was Scrumpdillyumptious! (That's what my mom used to call yummy foods! ) At first I had one quilt in mind when I purchased this stack, but then my mind started going in a different direction... I've had a thought in mind for a new quilt design, so I think I will finally put it on paper and try to get started!! The inspiration fabric that got this color scheme started is only about 9x12" so I sure hope I can make something worthwhile with it to show it off well. That would be the plaid closest to you in the picture above. I love plaids with lots of colors in them, and they are so hard to find! The fabrics above are a mixture of wools, plaids and you know by now, these are my favorite combinations! I will take them to my sewing room and look to see if I have any fabrics that will match. This quilt will be softer colors than I usually choose, so it will be fun to dig deep in my "oldies but goodies" stash!

The greens and rusts in the back left corner of the picture are unrelated to the new quilt. They were just such pretty wools, I had to have them! And the printed quilt fabric will be great for a back. The stack on top is the beginning to my Little Lucy Boston I'll be starting in small scale soon! I'll show you when I get started!!

Last, here is a quick pic of my pennies I am working on for a new design. No matter what lights I use today, the pics are turning out's a mystery! I'll tak another pic in a few days when I get a few more done. This will be a bed topper or wall hanging...wool, reproductions and plaids... What's the word of the day??? Scrumdillyumptious!!

Take care,




  1. So much fun! Sure glad we were able to get together yesterday - it was just a perfect day. You did a great job shopping - love looking at those pretty piles of scrumpdillyumptious!

  2. Yes, " A Super schrumpdillyyumptious day" and I can for see new projects in the works, Missie!

    A wonderful day indeed!

    :) Carolyn

  3. Very nice stash to play with, lots of yummy colors.
    I like the pennies, dull is good, lol.


  4. It was a real enjoyable day, Missie! The quilt shops were wonderful, and so was the company! You changed your mind on the wool project? I'm intrigued on what you will be making... I enlarged the pictures and the colors of that 9x12 piece of wool that started this whole thing show up beautifully!

  5. Everyone seems to agree that it was a wonderful day. Did everyone stay within budget? : )
    Very luscious looking fabrics--how is that for a food related term?

  6. Hmmm, hmmm, possum grits! Looks most yummy.

  7. Love your new word and a penny or two for your thoughts on new project....see ya Tuesday..

  8. Love seeing those little wool pennies!
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful day out with the girls!

  9. I'm so glad you had such a fun, wonderful day! Can't wait to see the new penny design!

  10. Road trips are always a lot of fun. But they are even more of a good time with good friends. In addition, you each bought a bundle of new fabric to tempt all of your creative minds. Your pennies are a really cute idea and they remind me of buttons. Good luck with your new idea.

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