Monday, July 22, 2013

I got some work done!!

Yes indeed! I worked all afternoon yesterday and prepped all the pieces for my next quilt with the pennies that I showed you yesterday!! Now I am excited to stitch!

Here's another sneak peak of what will be in the borders! I can't wait! I can't wait! I can't wait to stitch! This quilt is inspired by some rugs in my bedroom area. I will put this on the bed as a topper. A topper is a good way to have a new bed quilt without so much work. I'll explain more about this later. Look for this to come soon! I have 4 new designs that will be focused around this idea.

A few have commented about my use of cottons and wools. I love to mix the two together. It adds lots of contrast and interest to the lovely wools.

I'm going to send you to a few other blogs to read about the road trip a few of us bloggers took together recently! First, a Big Shout Out of Thanks to Kathy who gave us each a darling little quilt for a mug rug, a chalk pencil and some thread.

The rest of us exchanged goodies in February when we met for the first time! Blogging friend are so great!! Which makes me just want to call them and get together again!! Not for the gift, but because we just had so much fun together!

This time, We went to The Woolen Needle in Williamsburg, IA first. I was overwhelmed with the beautiful goods in this store! I could have stayed all day...I snatched the next two pictures from Kathy's blog, Kindred Quilts

That's Julie and I studying some beautiful wools...mmm...such beautiful wools! I didn't even get to the other half of the store!! Haha

Then we went to Hills, IA to visit the store Inspirations. It is inspiring indeed!!

So many samples and beautiful fabrics! The owner of this store offers wonder plaids along with many reproduction fabrics. You know how I love plaids mixed with repros and wools!

We had some great show and tell and lots of laughs. You can read more about our Roadtrip together on the other gal's blogs! Carolyn of Lee Prairie Designs, Julie of Me and My Stitches, and Kathy of Kindred Quilts. They've all posted some wonderful pictures, so check them out!! I know we all look forward to getting together again very soon!! Thanks girls for a wonderful time!

Take care,




  1. Whatever you are creating, that sneak peek is making my mouth water! Wonderful looking colors, fabrics, and designs, Missie!!
    Oh, more about that fun road trip I wish I had been on. : )

  2. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! I can hardly wait to see more pictures of your newest project!

  3. What a tease you are with the sneak peek pictures! Yummy looking cotton and wools Missie... can't wait to see more!!! Hurry... keep sewing!

  4. Love those gorgeous colours and what a great idea to create a bed topper! Very cute mug rug too.

  5. Love the colors and textures of your fabric choices. Can't wait to see the project.

    All that wool in Iowa just made me drool on my keyboard.. Ohhh if I was only rich what I could do..

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Gorgeous pieces already Missie!
    Can't wait to see what you have planned for this quilt!

  7. I loved hearing about your road trip! And the new quilt looks very fascinating! Cannot wait to see it.

  8. That is looking beautiful, love the wools you are using.


  9. Ok..running around trying to catch up. First, LOVE YOUR NEW DESIGNS SO FAR!!! Gorgeous!!!!!
    Second, what a fun time you must have had. That shop looks awesome!
    Finally, congratulations on your floss collection. It's beautiful and so perfect with your designs. You go girl! Woot woot! :)

  10. oh, such pretty pieces you have put together. can't wait to see what you are putting together. Oh! I could have spend a lot of time and money seeing all that wool!!!

  11. Love your work. Are you using The Quilted Crow Girls glue and staple technique to appliqué your wool?