Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mother Nature...I Think You Are Confused!!!

We woke up to about an inch of wet slushy sleet and snow this morning! Mother Nature, don't you realize that it is May 2nd today?!?!? You can see my iris are well up. The hosta just poked their heads out about 3" in the last few days. The strawberries are growing, along with the flax and many other perennials. I think they will be a bit confused with this cold day in the mix today! I hope my crabapple tree blooms will not be stung!
My projects for market are complete and on their way to those who will be showing them in Portland. Pattern Peddlers will be showing a few of my patterns that they carry in stock and I've designed another quilt for Blackberry Primitives Wool. I can't wait to show you this new one! It will have to stay a secret until market begins... You can see my design from last year, Charmed Beginnings by clicking on the company name above. They are such sweet gals and they are so fun to work with!
Since the new design is complete now, I am safe to proceed onto other things that need to be done. As you know if you read my last post or so, I am headed to Omaha next weekend to vend and show my quilts during the Quilted Crow Girls Retreat that More Sew For You is hosting! It recently dawned on me that two of my most favorite quilts will be away at market during this time so I decided I'd try to whip up some duplicates to show in Omaha. Click on the store name above to find out information about joining the workshop. I understand classes are just about filled! If you are nearby, don't miss this opportunity to experience these fun ladies in person!! The quilts I will be making this week are Brookshire Star and A Warm Welcome, which you can purchase HERE on my wesite if you are interested. Work along with me! :-)

It was fun to dig into my plaids and traditional fabrics for a change! I've worked with Civil War Fabrics and wool so often recently , I felt like I had all new fabrics as I was looking for a selection that will work! Some of these you see are new, some are Civil War and some are my old favorites!
Isn't it great to have a STASH to go to when you need it! I hope I make a little dent in my stash with this project, but between you and me...I doubt that I will !! Let's just keep that between ourselves ok!!

Many of you have asked about the stitch I learned in the Pat Sloan Workshop last week. We worked on a good shape for appliqué class, the heart. She uses the running stitch for her appliqué stitch. It is a great stitch for a change of pace compared to the needleturn that I normally use.

The shapes in her patterns are large and simple which makes this stitch a great one to use! You can see above that the shapes keep their shape with this stitch.

I hope you can zoom in and see the little running stitch in this picture. It looked especially nice in her samples with a contrasting thread! It was a great class and as I said before, she has such a fun, sweet personality! I was so excited when she contacted me a few days after the class and asked if I would be a guest on her radio show!!
June 10, 2013!
I am thrilled and honored to get to experience this interview with her! If you have not listened to these interviews yet, it's time to give it a try! It's great to have them on while you are doing things around the house. Makes the time pass quickly when doing chores and it's very good to have it turned on while you are sewing. It's very interesting to hear how designers and other folks in the industry get those great items out there for us quilters. Give it a try! You will like it! Put June 10th on your calendar for my interview please!
Below are the links to get access to the radio shows...
All the American Patchwork & Quilting shows are at where you can listen live, or get the podcasts
First 2 season of Podcasts at -
Show website -
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  1. WOW! Missie that is so exciting. Make sure you remind us all about as it gets closer.
    Your heart is so sweet. Yes, our weather is not snowy but it is chilly here. About 10* cooler than it should be.

  2. I guess I better not tell you how nice it is today;)
    You have so many wonderful things ahead of you this year and I love those fabrics.
    I have a lot of civil war prints, need to get going and make more quilts.


  3. So excited for you and the radio show - congrats! You can keep that snow - please don't send it this way. I love the fabrics you are pulling for your new samples. And your block from Pat's class is very nice - does she always do her applique this way?

  4. Mother Nature has thrown us a heat wave. After 12 months of constant rain the weather people say we will be in a drought again. Can you believe that? Sounds like you are having great fun being a radio star and playing with some lovely fabrics.

  5. I am sooooo ready for summer! As for making a dent in your stash, "hope is a thing with feathers that perches in the soul..."

  6. How cool is that...I marked my calendar! And thanks for showing that stitch...a good one to teach when students are struggling with needle turn!

  7. Stashes are indeed great, Missie, and it looks like you found some treasures in yours! I am SEW excited for you with the APQ Radio guest spot!! Congrats! Have you decided what you'll chat about yet?