Sunday, July 1, 2012

Banned From the Sewing Room!

Well, it's a very hot morning here in Iowa...I had plans of getting some sewing done in the cool basement sewing room this morning...ahhh, it will have to wait! There is currently a floor full of teenage gals sleeping in late! LOL! I guess I am banned from my sewing room this morning. We have a big open room down there and my sewing area is down at one end. So I didn't wake them I turned on the fan, found a good movie and did a little more Punchneedle upstairs this morning. This coaster went really quick... Started and finished punching this morning! I ran out of glue so will finish it completely another day. The Valdani thread looks so nice with it's subtle shading.

The design was based on the circle block on the top row of my quilt, In the Orange Grove. It's bright and colorful, yet it's also got that prim feel I love. The colors mimic those in the quilt. When it hangs in my living room I will surely enjoy this coaster along with the quilt! Take a look at the pattern on my website HERE.   The coaster pattern will be listed soon! I plan to make a group pattern offering 4 coasters to coordinate with this quilt. Won't be long and they will be available!

Have a cool relaxing day! Take care!


  1. fun coaster and I love the quilt!!

  2. Love the coaster with the Valdani. That quilt is so fabulous!!