Monday, July 16, 2012

A fun day with my Melanie!

My middle daughter loves to bake. Quite a while back she did a tasting for a future bride and groom and they chose her cupcakes over 6 other bakers to do their wedding! I offered to be around to help on the big day...WOW did we have a busy and fun day last Saturday!

She was the director and I was her assistant and we worked well as a team to prepare 125 cupcakes, one Bride and Groom cake,

And 35 mini layer cakes! ( those blue ones were trouble! Too moist to cut easily...but we finally got it going smoothly )


The Bride and Groom really had a cute vision and sense of humor with the decorations and flavors they chose. We hope they were happy with them..


Orange Pop flavor, S'more flavor... Caramel &Chocolate...Red Velvet and a few others...mmmm good!


And cute little toppers with cute names...Up Up and Away, the Library and others...

I was a proud Mama Saturday! She did a great job...I had plans of sewing that day, but this was such fun! Sewing came on Sunday afternoon...will post some pics tomorrow...

Take care and have a great evening!


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