Friday, June 15, 2018

A Fun Friendship Quilt Along!

This week I'd love to share a Friendship Quilt Along from Amanda Herring of!  Welcome to those of you who are visiting my blog!  If you like what you see, please follow by email and watch for what's new!

Amanda's got a great thing going with this Friendship Quilt.  Such an inspiring theme.  Each block has a name which describes a trait of a good friend.  The block I have made is called Gracious.  You can see mine below, but be sure to hop on over to her site to read about this block and the others on her blog by clicking HERE!

I chose Gracious which is an applique block since I love applique so much.

Since some of you are new to my blog, I'll review what I do with the notions you see above!  Once upon a time I used to want to learn to do English Paper Piecing.  I tried and tried and was very frustrated with the basting part of English Paper Piecing.  One day I was preparing some applique with freezer paper and starch and a light bulb came on that perhaps this basting method would work for English Paper Piecing!

It did indeed work, but as I learned more about it and practiced more and more, I realized I needed different notions than what was available.
Premium Freezer Paper does not shrink or distort when ironed using the starch
Starch Brush which holds the starch in the handle of the brush and has no clean up required
Fingertip Stiletto that is worn on the finger to keep your finger away from the hot iron.  It is adjustable and can fit any size finger or knuckle.
These items are very important for the success of the process of basting with starch.  It makes it so much nicer when we have tools that are created to make things easier and this is what these notions do for you.  You can watch a video on the home page of my website,, and see these notions in action by clicking HERE.  I'm referring to EPP in the video but everything mentioned in the video will make sense for applique as well.

You can also see the cute little Hexie Shaped Pressing Mat in the photo above.  It is not necessary but it sure is cute!!

For the Gracious block, first use the templates Amanda has created and trace the shapes onto the Premium Freezer Paper.  Next the paper needs to be doubled, with shiny sides facing downward, so it is thicker.   Then cut out right on the line.  Next iron the freezer paper template onto the wrong side of the fabric and trim away the fabric leaving a 1/4" seam allowance as you see above.

Next paint the starch onto the seam allowances with the Starch Brush and use a small mini iron to press the seams over the Premium Freezer Paper template.

The Fingertip Stiletto is  used to hang onto the template and fold the seam allowance over the shape.  It is very valuable on such small pieces like these!  Once the shapes are cooled off, remove the freezer paper and glue baste the pieces onto the background.  Then stitch in place with your favorite applique stitch by hand or machine.  What a sweet little floral design!

I've used my first line of fabric for this little block!  It's one of the first things created from my first cuts of the fabric received.  So exciting to go through the process of designing and waiting until you can get it in your hands for the first time.  The collection is called Ginger & Spice from Blank Quilting Corporation.  Be sure to ask your local shop to order it from their Blank Quilting Rep.  You can see more of it HERE.    

Be sure to check out Amanda's blog to follow along with the Friendship Quilt Along!  It's going to be lots of fun to see all the blocks and quilts that are shown!  (Thank you Amanda!!)

Thanks so much for stopping by and Take Care,
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  1. Missie, I LOVE your new fabric line! Thanks so much for it & the applique method. I learned it a few years back, & it works great!

    1. Thank you so much Angeliasue! If you ever feel the paper you are using is too weak, please give my Premium Freezer Paper a try. It makes a huge difference!