Monday, April 11, 2016

Busy Days! And a book review!

Hello Hello! Time has been filled to the max since the new year has begun. In January I had a speaking and workshop engagement in Nebraska City, NE and met some awsome quilters. Very nice ladies and we had a great time at the workshop!

We made a quick trip to Florida to visit some family and let the Boys in my life golf a bit. The ladies had a good time shopping and my aunt planned a day with a friend in the area so we could tour her Studio. She sells jewelry on Etsy and her Studio is to Die for! Here's a few pictures of her super cute, super organized room. Every nook is organized and neat and tidy. Wish some of that would have rubbed off on me!

You can see her unique jewelry in her Etsy shop. Charming! Thanks to Aunt Jane for planning this fun day for us! And thanks to Dee for having us over for the day.

The first show was the Dallas Quilters Guild Show. Let me tell you this is a fun show! If you ever need a road trip I think it's a safe bet that this would be a great show to attend. Beautiful quilts of all styles to see and lots of unique vendors selling their goodies. Here's a quick pic of the booth. We were worn out by the time this picture was taken, but you can get a good idea of what the booth looks like! Thanks to my husband and oldest daughter for their help!

We sold out of several key products and had back to back shows so desperately needed to replenish. Guess where we went to find more "stuff" to sell!

Good thing The Moda Warehouse is in the Dallas area. It was great fun to pop in (1st time!) and pick up some supplies. (Yes, that's our tacky little trailer in the door reflection... Hey, it works!) Now back to the shopping experience! The entry is stunning with antique quilts hanging all around.


This is only part of the facility...filled with fabrics and so many other goodies! As you can see I did find some goodies and what fun it was to see how a fabric company warehouse looks. Fun fun!

I felt just like those ladies in the drawing above as I left with the goods! Good thing we had that trailer shown in the door above! Haha!

The two days after the show I taught the basics for The Gardens Of A King at Happiness Is Quilting in McKinney, TX. A wonderful shop! And Wonderful class attendees who were excited to learn a new technique and have a good time. Here we are below discussing some fabric options for the quilt. (If you are new to the blog and don't know, I have a web store where you can purchase the pattern and other supplies if interested - Traditional The ladies attending the workshop wished it was a week long class and we decided to start a FB page dedicated to it for those who own the pattern or have taken a workshop from me and want to have some company while stitching on it. I'll be available to answer questions and you can feel free to post photos of your blocks and meet others working on the quilt. The group is called Stitch Along with Missie - Gardens Of A King. As interest arises I will be adding other groups for other quilts for ladies to stitch along together via FB. If you are making one of my quilts and want me to start a group dedicated to that specific quilt, let me know and I'll set it up. We'll do our best to grow the groups and make it fun! I realize not everyone does FB but you should know by now I'm always eager to help if you contact me by email. Each of my patterns has my email address on the back cover so feel free to join the FB group listed above or email me with questions!

After the workshop at Happiness Is Quilting, we headed for a very quick visit with my folks on our way to the next show in Ballwin, MO near St. Louis. Another great show from the Bit's and Pieces Quilt Guild. This is a biannual show and there were some stunning quilts on display! Here's a few highlights...

It was great fun to be at this small but spectacular show. One nice lady was told by her friend who took my workshop in TX that she needed to come see me at this show. She drove a few hours from Illinois to come visit! As she walked in the door to the show, she happened to win a door prize. Guess who's booth it was from?! Mine! It was so great to meet Linda who had a very lucky day!

I've recently read a pretty good book about machine quilting called

The Ultimate Guide to Machine Quilting: Long-arm and Sit-down - Learn When, Where, Why, and How to Finish Your Quilts Paperback – written by Angela Walters and Christa Watson.

This book has so much great basic information. If you would like to try quilting by machine and think maybe someday you'd like to know more about a Longarm, this is the book for you! Great examples and info! Check out more details here! These ladies have covered all the details we need to know when quilting!

I'll fill you in on more adventures in the near future! Have a wonderful quilty day!

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  1. Looks like you have been very busy, and are having grand adventures.
    Oh, my! The Moda Warehouse would have given me a migraine. System overload does that to me. : )

  2. You have been busy! Thanks for the fun update and photos, Moda looks like a quilter's paradise.

  3. Whew I am worn out just reading about your adventures.

  4. You have been busy but in a good way. Love how your booth looks and your quilting is so gorgeous.


  5. Dear Missie,
    this post sounds more than busy. Lovely events, your booth looks gorgeous, the quilts at Moda are just breathtaking, the wholesale store is a dream. I would never making to the check out with so much lovely fabrics in one place. Admire the ladies who are able to attend one of your workshops.