Friday, May 29, 2015

Needles...Makes A Difference!

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about needles. Many people have asked me what needles I like to use for different types of sewing. As a novice, I didn't think it mattered much, but as I got more experienced, I realized a good needle really makes a difference!

I have had my own brand of needles made.   You can buy them HERE!

 I use a size 10 or 11 depending on the light available at the time.  These two needles feel the same as they glide through the fabric, nice and smooth. They work well for Applique because they are thin enough to leave no hole in the side of the fold while stitching. A very nice smooth needle turned edge!

For English Paper Piecing I like the very same needles. They glide through the edges of the two pieces and the narrowness of the needle will not leave much of a hole. There is one difference here. If I am sewing the pieces together WITH the paper in, I use the size 10, which is a larger needle. The larger size will resist going through the paper and thus you can reuse your papers, plus, the stitches won't show on the front after the two pieces are sewn together. If I am sewing the pieces together WITHOUT the papers inside the pieces, which you know is possible if you've seen my starch basting method, I use a size 11 so that the needle can glide right through the edges of the pieces and will not show on the front. These needles are great for my handwork Piecing and Applique needs!

In the picture above you will notice that I also have branded Wool Applique Needles.  These are longer, sharper and thinner than most designers use for wool applique.  I like a sharp needle that I can hold onto and these work great!

The new Punch Needle And Primitive Stitching magazine arrived and I am excited to share my project fearured in the magazine, the Memory Keeper Journal Cover. Looks like this will be another great primitive magazine for all of us who love that touch of Prim! There are many darling projects in this Premier Issue!
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  1. Missie - Thanks for the good information about needles - I'll have to try the Hemming needles for doing EPP - it would be nice to use those expensive papers more than once! I got my magazine yesterday but haven't even had time to open it yet - looks like a great project of yours!

  2. Some good info here. I frequently get confused when purchasing needles. Thanks for the help. : )

  3. Thanks for the shout out Missie and thank you for the information on the needles that you use. Where do you buy your needles?

  4. I just got my magazine the other day. Thanks for sharing about. Now I have another one of your designs I want to do. I need to quit reading your blog. LOL