Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Get Me To The Church (Or Guild Meeting!) On Time!!

This post is not really related to Quilting directly, but it IS related to getting to our fun Monthly or weekly events like guild and small groups on time and on the right day! It seems that most everyone has an Apple Product of some sort these days whether it be a phone or an iPad or a computer or notebook. I have an iPad tablet and an Android phone so these are run differently in the guts of the computers and are not comparable with each other when it comes to using the same apps. I think everyone probably knows this, right? If you have an Apple product of some sort, perhaps this post will help you!

So many people I know struggle with the calendars on these devices and easily putting our events on our calendars. So many of the calendars on these devices come only with the option to repeat the event on the same DATE of the month and my friends and I have talked about that complaint so often! This would be handy to put in guild and small group meetings that occur on the 1st Tuesday of each month vs. the same DATE of each month which would be a different day of the month each month...got it?

Well, with the newest IOS update to my old iPad I guess the calendar had an update too! ***Please read the starred paragraph below before you do the IOS 8 update!*** Anyway, I just discovered the option to create a custom repeat In the calendar app so that my entries have now become so EASY! I am THRILLED! For so long I have chosen the option for an event repeated monthly and then I move the event by sliding the entry on the calendar. WHEN I remember to do the slide that is... BUT I have such a hard time remembering which week of the month each event falls on, it's still not easy for me. I am constantly referring to past calendars to find out exactly which week the repeating event falls in. This new update has solved that problem for me and I know it will help some of you too! The solution is a bit buried in the app.

So here is the new solution I've just discovered. Using the iPad Calendar (I assume the iPhone calendar will work the same) create your event as you normally would. Click on the date and start filling in the form. After you've entered the title of the event, go down and click Repeat.

Then choose the frequency of the repeat...could be daily, weekly, etc. I've chosen Monthly.

Then click "on the..." And the schedule option will show up that coordinates with the option you chose above. This is the new part! You can now choose the same day of the week each month vs the same DATE. Yeah!!

Then click the repeat arrow to go back a page and you will see a custom repeat! Yeah Again!!!

I've chosen to never stop this repeat so I won't ever need to remember to make an entry for this event again!! And you can also see that the custom repeat is saved.

Then click ADD and it will be saved on your calendar on the same day of the same week forever!!!! I'm so excited! Can you tell? I will never be disappointed to miss another fun meeting because I will know it's coming without having to think about it! And an added bonus is that it will be on the correct day! LOL

There were several different options and it should fit to most any schedule that you need to put on your calendar. It's a GREAT addition!

Now the second part that is very cool is that I can download the Android calendar app on my iPad and sync this calendar with the iPad calendar. Then the Android calendar on my phone will sync with this calendar as long as I am signed in so I have all my calendar events with me where ever I go. This is nothing new, but just in case you didn't know, the option is there for you!

*****A word of warning...when I did the IOS update for my iPad 2, which is only a few years old, Apple considers this old. The new IOS update is not very compatable with these "old" models and did require that I adjust some settings and do a restore to make it work as good as it used to. I was very upset for a while but am now used to the changes that occurred due to the update. For a while I wanted to throw the iPad across the room!! But all is well now. The big thing I've noticed is that I can not have lots of browser windows open at once or the iPad freezes. And sometimes FB has trouble with the browser open at the same time. So I close a few now and then to keep the open windows to about 5 or less. Otherwise it works well now. If you have not done the update yet, do the research first to decide if you want it!!!

I hope this has helped some of you! Hopefully you don't think this is a stupid post. So many I know don't know about this option, so I just thought I'd share! It made my day once I discovered this one little option to do a custom repeat that works with my schedule!

I'm getting ready for "It's A Gatherin' " in Stover, MO this week. It's a fun shopping event in central MO at the Community Center in Stover on April 10 & 11 and opens at 9am. The shoppers are so excited and get there early to come visit us vendors. This was the first show I ever did and now here it is the third time I'm going there! Time flies when you are having fun!! If you are in the area please come see me and say hello!! I am hoping I can make the adjustment from a 20' booth to an 8' booth! Something has to give and it's always so hard to decide!! LOL

I've also started a new project for Primitive Quilts and Projects Magazine. Thanks to all of you who have ordered the kit for the little quilt in the spring issue. Look for another next spring! One other New project will be published soon in the new magazine Punch Needle and Primitive Stitchery. Kits will be available for the new magazine project also. I'll show a picture when I can!

Thanks so much for stopping by and have a great week!!

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  1. Oh. My. Goodness! I cannot begin to thank you enough!!!! I can't tell you how many Guild meetings I missed because I didn't have it in the calendar and didn't want to have to go through the hassle of entering an event in every single month! I wasn't aware that this option was possible now with the new update. So thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing that with us!