Saturday, February 21, 2015

Back Home!

The trip to Garland was wonderful! The Garland Guild has a great thing going with a full room of quilt loving women chatting, laughing and enjoying the fellowship that comes with a guild. If you are a resident of North Dallas, be sure to check out this guild. They really have a good time together. The workshops went well at the two stores I visited, Sew Let's Quilt It and Happiness Is Quilting. Such sweet ladies all around!


Patty at Sew Let's Quilt It gave me a demo of her computerized quilting machine. Wow! Are those nice! It was very cool to see how it works and how they get each block measured and quilted. She has some beautiful samples hanging in her store and has custom quilted them using her fancy machine. I was a bit jealous! The workshop for the Zebra Wallhanging was great. So fun to see students squeal with delight as they sew those first two blocks together and they discover the process really is worry free!

Happiness Is Quilting had me for two days and I so enjoyed watching them work and interact with customers. The store is beautiful with lots of samples and a little bit of something for everyone from modern to reproduction, Dutch florals, Punchneedle, machines And just about any notion you could want!


Darling pink walls with beautiful samples!

One of my hostesses for an evening showed me her lovely seeing studio! Oh, to have a place as beautiful as this room would be so wonderful...maybe some day....

First of was Clean and Organized, secondly it was a perfect size, and lastly it was decorated perfectly with many of her favorite things! This is just one corner of this great space.

And here' s a nice close up of some of her lovely trinkets!

Now that I'm home, I'm doing my best to get my room organized. No space for many trinkets and pretties, but at least I do have my own space to be creative in and that I'm grateful for.

Once I got my sewing room a bit cleaned up, I had to mess it up again with a little wool. Can't stay clean for long, I must admit! Since about half way through making "George"...the Gardens Of A King, I wanted to try it in wool. worked just great! Below you can see my first block with wool appliqué on cottons...went together in an afternoon full of visiting and stitching! Very quick and easy!

I also did a little rug relaxing and rewarding because it's so quick to do! I'm in search of a new background color. This one isn't quite right....uh oh! Another reason to buy wool! Recently, I made a purchase of a new blade for my rusty old cutter. It should cut like butter the next time I need to cut strips. Should be exciting!! ( Why is it so exciting to cut wool strips? Am I crazy?!? LOL!).

Have a wonderful week!

Take care,




  1. Sounds like you have been having a good time.
    Wow, what a sewing room! Like you, I am just grateful to have my own space for sewing, humble though it may be.
    I like your block done in wool. So now will you do a whole quilt that way? : )

  2. Glad you had fun in Texas and that you made it home safely! That is a nice sewing room - so many fun things to look at - I think I could sit in there all day. Love George in wool - I'm with Janet...are you going to do the whole quilt in wool? My vote is yes!

  3. It looks like a fun group of ladies and I love those machines too, could get a lot more done if I had one of those, lol.


  4. Looks like it was a great trip!

  5. What a pretty sewing room! Mine looks like a fabric bomb was detonated. Actually that's not entirely looks like several bombs went off!

    Your wool George block is very cozy and pretty. I'm looking forward to seeing more of them done in wool.

  6. Hi Missie - I enjoyed the pictures of your hostess's sewing room - so many fun little displays of all her treasures! Sounds like you had a lovely time in Texas. Your wool George block is just as pretty as the cotton one - love it!

  7. Looks like fun. Love the ceiling in the shop. Your wool version looks great!