Saturday, January 24, 2015

One More Runner!

The first class I'll be teaching in the Dallas area is the Wild Zebra Quilt at the store, Sew Let's Quilt It. Here it is in Table Runner form. This has 2 blocks in it...see how the stripes match up perfectly? I dare you to find the seam! This is NOT because I am an excellent machine piecer...because I'm not! It's because this pattern has a secret that makes it so easy to put the blocks together so easy and so perfectly. The appliqué is done by what I call Cut Away Appliqué and there is not difficult placement of stripes! You start off with two large pieces of fabric and end up with an appliqué design in no time!


This is the same technique used for the King/Queen sized bed quilt pattern found Above and on the website. Just multiply the blocks and you have a quilt as big as you want it to be! I will also teach my free hand appliqué stitching in this class. If you are in the area, be sure to check out the class on the web link above! Would love to meet a few of you!!

I've also made two blocks and put them into a tote bag. I really like this one! We can never have too many totes can we! The same tote below has the sides tucked in to give it a different look. I've really enjoyed carrying this around the last few days while running errands! I've even had a few comments on it while shopping!


This week has been a doozy with technical difficulties! I was so proud of myself today because I figured out how to instal a printer, hook up the wireless, move the modems and such around to a new room, and finally figure out some printing problems! I'm so limited in techie stuff, but this really made me feel good getting all this set up! Not exactly what I've needed to spend the last 3 days on, but necessary for sure. I'm moving my office to a larger space and it feels good to be half way Check! Desk Organization? Not checked yet! I'll get to it when I can... Haha!

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by,

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  1. The Zebra print is fun on the totes, not sure if I would put it on my table;)


  2. This boggles my mind how you make this match up. (the techie stuff does, too)
    I have to say, this looks so modern, I thought I was on the wrong blog page, but sure enough, it IS yours! *LOL*
    Hey, your pattern in PQ & P is very nice--I want to make it in wool!