Friday, April 25, 2014

Busy Days...

We have been pretty busy in this household recently! Seems as the years go by, I have gotten a bit more unorganized. Instead of more time for keeping things in order as the kids grow up, life is busier for us. We have two foriegn exchange students who joined us last night, so I have been cleaning and redecorating the guest bedrooms! It's been fun to get it done!

This room below belongs to my middle daughter who will be graduating from college in a few weeks. She had a bright orange wall to coordinate with the hot pink and orange quilt I made for her on her 16th Birthday. She also had her name painted above the bed in the same bright color palet! So, this room went from these colors....

To this theme! I love it... Peaceful, with a smidge of bright to pep it up... She was the one who decided it was time for the orange to be painted over, and bless her heart, she did the painting for the most part! If she ends up living at home for a while until her job situation works out, she will have a nice, neat room to come home to! In more grown up colors for sure! No time to make a king sized quilt so we used a duvet cover.

The second room used to be my oldest daughters room. She's married and took most of the decorations and the zebra quilt I made for this king size bed, so for the last few months it has been a mess with the door closed. I had no time to make a king sized quilt, so I decided to use a purchased bedspread and add a throw size quilt to the chair in the room in the near future. I like this look...a bit shabby chic! The Welcome Home above the bed will welcome our daughter and husband when they visit in the future.

There is one thing for sure that I know I miss in these rooms as I look at the pictures!!!! Quilts!!!!! I will have to get to work on that soon!

The German Students arrived last night and all the kids hosting the group awaited their arrival at the airport. My youngest is the one peaking above the left side of that bright pink poster! She's looking pretty excited!

And here are our two German girls we'll have for 10 days. Gully and Jana...very sweet girls! With Katie in the middle! (She's sweet too!)

Katie participates in track and has qualified to enter the Drake Relays, which is a big deal around here! She will run in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay Saturday morning. The three girls are off school today to watch today's events. It's a beautiful day and I'm sure they will enjoy!

On the list for me today? Hem this years prom dress...I'm scared so I have put it off till today, the day before prom! LOL

Wish me luck!

Take care,




  1. You can do it!!!!

    Missie the rooms look great.

    What fun times you will have with your extended family!


  2. No one ever told me the older we get the busier we get! It's just not fair!
    How fun to have the foreign exchange students living with you for awhile! I'm sure it's a learning experience for everyone!
    Good luck to the track star at the Drake Relays!

  3. We hosted a few exchange students, it can be fun and there can be problems, mostly ours were from the organization that did it. They would call us last minute when they were stuck with kids coming and no where to go, so it wasn't always matched by our personalities. Is Katie the one going to the prom? I bet she is going to look beautiful in a prom dress, hope you take photos.


  4. I can totally relate to the getting busier feelings. My three teens keep my running in circles it seems like. I am going to miss them so much when they leave one day...sniff. Just trying to keep up with them and count my blessings while they are still under my roof! Have fun with the exchange students, they do look sweet!

  5. And now that I have an empty nest I feel like life is even more hectic! That sandwich generation thing--caught between aging parents that need help and helping with grandchildren--is alive and well at my house!
    I love a soft blue bedroom--so easy to fall asleep in such a room!
    What an adventure to host exchange students.
    Good luck to your daughter in her track event--and good luck to you with the hem. : )

  6. I think all of your hard work in the last few weeks really paid off - the rooms look great! Glad the Relays went well today and I hope Prom is loads of fun for her tonight! Can you rest tomorrow? :)

  7. Everything looks great girlfriend and how fun to have the girls from Germany. You rock! What a great mom you are!