Saturday, November 9, 2013

Where Will It All Fit?!?

Oh My! Have you ever decided to TOTALLY rearrange your sewing room?!? I am wondering where it all came from and how in the world will it all fit back in! Oh My! This picture is the smallest pile of "junk" in my room right now!

I recently purchased a Hinty Frame for a longarm and need to make room for this new piece in my sewing room. Thank goodness my "studio" is located in our large open basement and there is room to expand! But, I am wondering how I will reorganize at this point. We worked late into the night and DH helped set up the frame. That's in place now at the end of the room where my sewing table used to be. I'd share a picture, but there isn't much to show except for long empty poles! I sold my tabletop model quilting machine and it's already with it's new owner. My new quilting machine with handle controls is on order, so I'll make do without it for a few months until the new one comes. I am sticking with the same model I had before, the Sunshine 16, but as I mentioned, this one will have handle controls.

Anyway, back to my big mess! I did manage to get what used to be a messy crammed full shelf to look pretty nice before I went to bed! I know I will do some more rearranging of what's on the shelves, but at least I made some progress! Don't you wonder what we're thinking when we get all this "stuff"?!?

Julie of Me and My Stitches came over to spend the day yesterday! She was in town to go to a concert last night and arrived early to come play with me! It's so fun to play sewing with girlfriends! Haha! We had a relaxed day chatting and she prepped some wool appliqué while I started cleaning out one of my fabric cabinets. I managed to get rid of two large bags of fabric that I don't think I'll be using. That fabric is going to the guild to let someone else give it some love!

My sewing machine of 22 years is growing too old to show me what stitch I am choosing, so I am off to get a new model today. I know there has been so much improvement over the years and I'm so excited! I'll post a pic when I return with the new member of my sewing room family!

Have a great weekend,

Take care,




  1. It was a fun day - thanks for having me! It sounds like you made some progress last night - good for you!

  2. A day to play with a quilting friend--how fun!
    Oh, my! I wouldn't even dare start rearranging my sewing room. I think it took me forever to get the puzzle pieces to fit just right, and I don't think everything would fit in the room in any other arrangement. : )
    Good luck with yours! A new machine? Two new machines? How exciting!!

  3. Yes I have done the rearrange before and sent stuff away and here we are again where it needs a redo! Part of my prob is it is a small room and I am messy.. do not put my stuff away in a timely fashion! Glad my kids do not know this! hahaha! Have fun and enjoy new toys!

  4. How exciting to get a new sewing machine and can adjust to sewing on a different one than what you've been used to all these years. I'm a creature of habit and it would probably be difficult for me. Sounds like your day with Julie was very nice - fun to spend time with a friend doing what you love!

  5. Every time I see someone else's sewing room, I feel much better about mine, lol. I get it clean, then I mess it up again anyways, but I do like things where I can find things so I don't spend time looking for them.


  6. We're 2 of a kind this week! I rearranged my sewing room as well, removing my TV from the armoire, which freed up an amazing amount of space to store so many things that were just cluttering the look of the room. It feels SO invigorating to go in there now and have the floor space again! I haven't purged the fabric stash yet, as all of that is stored in the closet. But since I've now corralled all of my UFO's into one spot, maybe they'll finally see completion!


  7. yes, I have wondered why I have some of the stuff I do. I know your room will come together just nicely for you. I just bought a new sewing machine and I am picking it up today. I bought a Baby Lock. My machine is 16 years old.