Sunday, February 10, 2013

Awww Shucks! And...Winners Chosen!

Well, I sewed my blue wool down with the wrong color today! I sewed under one light ( which wasn't so bright) most of the afternoon and tonight when I got under my good light, I can see the difference! Sooo, it won't take too long to pick it out and do it right. I will guess about 15 minutes at the most. Not too bad and woth it to me to get the color right! :-). I'm not sure you can tell the difference in this picture, but it,s a big difference in person! As you can tell, I'm not quite carpel tunnel is acting up. SURELY I will finish tomorrow!! :-)
I chose a winner from the post after the Valentine Party the other night...the reason the plate was empty was that Miss Ginger ate the delicious fancy raspberry filled brownies! We put the secret pal gifts on the coffee table in my living room by the door as the girls come in. That way it stays a secret who's got who for a secret pal. During the evening the hostess passes out the gifts. It was a puzzle why the plate was empty until we saw crumbs and a hole in the Saran Wrap! Lucky Ginger, Poor Janet got an empty plate!! I felt so guilty! Next time we will know to put them on a higher table!!
The winner of the drawing was Debbie of Woolen Sails, but since only two who were correct with their guesses, I'm giving Shirley of Stitcherydo a goodie too! Debbie gets a few fat quarters, (unless she'd rather have an epattern of her choice from my site)... and Shirley will get one of my  epatterns of her choce by email!
Thanks for all the fun guesses!
Stay warm, good luck digging out safely if you got the big snowfall, take care, and come back soon!


  1. Congrats to the winners! Poor Ginger...she needed a little snack! Love what your working on - bet you were not a happy camper when you discovered you had used the wrong thread color! Glad it's not just me who does those things!

  2. Conrats to Debbie and Shirley!! Your stitching looks perfect!!! OUCH to removing it!

  3. Oh I love the wool quilt. It is going to be so cool. I really want to see the finish so I am following you now! It was great to meet you. I joined the Hand stitchin' linky too today for the first time.
    Have a wonderful week,