Monday, June 11, 2012

Mariner's Compass Coaster

Punchneedle is one of my favorite crafts that can be done easily when things are busy around here. Katie is off to camp as of midnight last night and we had a busy few days getting her ready to go. I had snippets of time here and there and this coaster was one project that was done in a flash!


This took only about an hour or so in total. I love making coasters out of punchneedle. The colorfast 3-strand floss from Valdani does not bleed after being moistened by drops of water from glasses. I have used my punchneedle coasters for a few years and just wanted to add to my collection. For the base I use small sized cork and wood plant protectors from the big box home stores. The punchneedle is glued on the backside to hold the loops in place and at that time I glue it to the wood base with permanent glue. Works great!

One thing about punchneedle...the projects are small and we decorate baskets an other things to sit around, but making coasters and framed art are my favorite uses for punchneedled projects. You can see a few more at my online store, Hallbrook Designs . You will see that I like to do larger projects as well. I have a rabbit quilt using punchneedle that I will show soon. It is something I work on occasionally when I am not designing.


Katie and her buddies headed to camp bought black hats from the dollar store and decided to use some bright fabrics to put their name on them. After they got started, Katie decided to do hers a bit differently...we made a cover for the top of the hat, stitched it on and then she did her name in black. It's cute as can be! I wish I had pics of the others...they all turned out darling!


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  1. Love the needlepunch coaster....and of course, Katie's hat.